Limelight Custom Guitars 00121 '66 Slab P bass


Limelight basses are really starting to take off now and have a growing band of very satisfied customers.




The idea behind Limelight Custom Guitars began after being inspired by Bill Nash. He makes some of the greatest instruments today and has many famous players who want the sound, feel and look of a vintage instrument without the worry of taking their hugely valuable pre CBS Fender to gigs. Previously the only other alternative was Fender's own custom shop offerings. However, Nash's are not cheap (around 2000 to buy new in the UK) and neither are Fender Custom shop.


Please step forward Limelight Custom Guitars! We aim to produce basses (and later on, guitars) that look really cool, and desirable, but also to feel just right when playing and of course to sound fantastic, too.


We are not aiming to make cheap instruments which are constrained by inferior parts, but to make the best instruments we can, with the good quality parts, and a strong emphasis on sound, feel and playability. We do not compromise specifications and do not build to a price point.  Our aim is offer a viable alternative to Nash and Custom Shop at less than half the comparable price.


Product Description


Limelight Custom Guitars - 00121 P Bass '66 Slab body heavy relic Olympic White


(In the mid 1960's Fender created an unusual custom Precision bass for the UK, it was like any other Precision of the era except it did not feature a front and back body contour, reminiscent of the very first Precision basses from the early 1950's.

One was used by John Entwhistle of The Who and I've included a picture from the Fender Bass book showing him with one)




Gotah vintage reverse tuners

Aged Nitro-cellulose finished neck with Tusq nut, dots and hand rolled fingerboard edges

Alder body in heavy aged Olympic White

Quality vintage bridge

CTS pots and Sprague cap

Vintage wired

Alnico Pick ups

Switchcraft jack

















































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