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1997 USA PRS Custom 24 Guitar with original case and tag

A superb USA made PRS guitar in mint condition.....

1989 Fender Japan ’57 Stratocaster re-issue MIJ

A superb vintage MIJ '57 Fender Strat in black.....

1972 Framus ‘Billy Lorento’ Semi-acoustic Guitar £200 off

Beautiful 335 style semi-acoustic in excellent condition

1983 Fender Stratocaster in Siennaburst with original case

Rare '2 knob' Stratocaster made for 18 months only

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Peavey T60 – 1978 very early model, oblong case, excellent

JV Squier Fender Stratocaster – Sunburst, r/w, mint and all original

Shergold Modulator, early 1980’s, with rare Module No: 5 (Recording), Olympic White, maple, superb

1977 USA Fender Telecaster – black, rosewood, great condition


WANTED  Your good quality guitar! If you have a guitar that you think would be suitable please get in touch. I can offer more than your local music shop and help with transportation

PART EXCHANGES  I’m always happy to take in part exchanges. so please get in touch