1977 Fender Precision Bass in natural with original case

1977 Fender Precision Bass in natural with original case - £2995

1977 Fender Precision Bass in natural with original case
A lovely original survivor Precision bass, in Natural complete with original case, manual, chrome cover and strap etc.
It has a bit of a story behind it. When I started my business I used to import basses from the USA as you could get $2 to the £1 then, so it was worthwhile, and I built up a few good contacts. Unfortunately, the exchange rate now makes this unviable.
This particular bass was one of the early ones I imported myself, probably in about 2007. It’s extremely good and all original. So good in fact, I kept it in my own personal collection for a while eventually selling to the owner of Manson’s Guitars. The condition is great, but this one also plays beautifully and has a particularly resonant, round tone, pure vintage P.
Manson’s eventually sold it on a few years later, and I bought the person they sold it to over 4 years ago. He’d kept it for about 10 years.
It also has its original case, with both chrome covers, the manual is also included and has the serial number sticker on the front which matches the one of the headstock and on the underside of the pickguard.
Although the serial number states 1977, the pots date to 1979. It’s strange, because when I bought from a dealer in the States in 2007 he described it as a 1977, I then sold it to Manson Guitars and they sold it on as a 1977 and it was only when I bought it back a few years ago that I actually checked the pots and found out, so in my head it’s a 1977 but technically it left the factory in early 1979.
However, it’s all original, as it left the factory. The pots date to 1979 so it must have hung around in the factory for a while, but it’s definitely original as the solder is untouched.
Aslo it has a brown spray over the pick up cavity – no idea why, perhaps one of the workers only realised at the last moment that it had been selected for natural.
Again, 100% as it left the factory as the natural finish is applied over the top – just makes it more interesting IMO.
It has been played, so has a few marks here and there, but still extremely good.
Weighs 9lbs

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