SOLD: 1990 USA made G & L L2000 bass with OHSC

1990 USA made G & L L2000 bass - SOLD - click on picture to open gallery

This is a 1990 USA made G & L L2000 bass
It’s a really nice bass in great condition. Barely any fret wear, not been used much by the looks of things.
The back of the neck is perfect, the truss rod works as it should and turns smoothly in both directions.
The bass was made in 1990 (Date stamps on the neck and body) and was in the era when Leo Fender was still alive and (I think) still at the company. It has his “signature” on the headstock under G & L which the basses made after 1992 didn’t (Again this is from memory but a bit of googling will confirm!)
The original factory sticker on the neckplate is not only still there but in remarkably good condition. Another sign this bass has led an easy life.
Regarding a possible refinish……
Normally I can spot them easily but this paint finish is very good. Also, I’ve seen an almost identical one recently in the same gloss white finish, from the same era.
What I do know is that the bass started out red. Whether it was then deemed “a second” and resprayed white in the factory I’m not sure. Leo fender certainly did this during the time he ran Fender, maybe when he ran G & L also.
Anyway, I’m pricing it as if it has been refinished.
I’ve just set it up with a low action and it plays very well. The active system on these basses is incredibly powerful, but you can also just play it in passive.
The case is original and generally in good order except its feet have been lost on the lower edge.

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