SOLD: Charvel 475 Deluxe Exotic MIJ circa 1989 – excellent

Charvel 475 Deluxe Exotic MIJ MINT - SOLD - click on picture to open gallery

This is a Charvel 475 Deluxe Exotic from around 1989. (Made between 1989 and 1991) It’s in exceptionally good condition, without a mark on it. It’s one of my own guitars that has been in my collection for many years. Regrettably I’ve recently made the decision to start selling all of my collection.
The Exotic models have a flamed maple top and back.
It does have a little fret wear, nothing serious, and still plays incredibly well. All 100% original and un-messed with. Complete with the tremolo arm.
The pickups are Jackson J200 single coils and a J50BC ceramic magnet bridge humbucker, they’re active, completely noiseless, and sound great. Roll the volume down for authentic vintage tone across all pickups, open the volume up for full bodied 80s – 90s tone, and turn up the mid boost for molten Metal saturation.
The 475 deluxe was the pinnacle of the pointy headstock, hair band guitars of the late 1980’s, and this sort of guitar fell out of favour by 1991 when grunge became the order of the day. Definitely of its era.
As well as the highly figured flame top and back, the guitar has shark tooth inlays, pointy headstock with “toothpaste logo”|, fully bound (neck and headstock) locking nut and trem with ultra stable tuning.
Not easy to find in this immaculate un-modified condition. Definitely a super collectable guitar.

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