SOLD: ESP ’64 Jazz bass 1983 MIJ Time-warp condition

ESP Series 400 '64 Jazz bass with hard case SOLD - click on picture to open gallery

ESP Series 400 MIJ ’64 Jazz bass
The selling of basses from my own personal collection continues….
I’ve owned this for over 7 years. When I got it I couldn’t believe the condition – it was absolutely like new, yet it was 28 years old – now it’s 35 years old and in the same condition.
Everything checks out 100% (All photos for the insides available) even the able labels sticker on the reverse of the headstock looks new but has the old style telephone number layout.
I made extensive notes at the time and I’ve copied them for you to read in the next column. The bass comes with a hard case and extensive notes and photos.
This is (after much research) a circa 1983 ESP 400 Series Jazz bass Made in Japan.
This is an accurate copy of a 1964 Fender Jazz bass.
When I got this instrument my first thoughts were that it’s too good to be true. It just didn’t seem possible that it was 28 years old. Extensive research followed and all things still pointed to it being genuine and original. The correct early Fender shaped headstock (later changed to the notched headstock because of copyright infringement) “Made in Japan” stamp on headstock and original able label showing supplier with old style phone code, and cloth covered wires.
The person I bought it from confirmed some of its history. It was in long term storage along with 2 other instruments, both in a similar condition to this ESP, and the same era. The renter of the storage facility eventually stopped payments and no contact was made. After many months, and repeated efforts to contact the owner to no avail the instruments were offered for sale and the father in law of one the employers bought this bass and one other.
It seems likely these instruments were bought new, never played and stored in the dark in a controlled environment for all of their lives.
This is a genuine MIJ SEP 400 Series bass in “time warp” condition and would be almost unique in the world. A fantastic investment opportunity.

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