Line 6 Variax Bass with power supply and gig bag

Line 6 Variax Bass with power supply and gig bag - £695 - click on picture to open gallery

Line 6 Variax Bass with power supply and gig bag
Never had one of these before so when I had the chance to buy it I had to go for it.
Both the guitarists in my band use Line 6 gear so I know it’s good, so was interested to try the bass.
It really is great fun and the sounds very useable. Definitely something you could gig with if you played in a band who played lots of different styles.
There’s loads of info online and You Tube to check out what it can do.
This example is in excellent condition, comes with the original gig bag, plus the power pack and lead which is a big bonus (You can run it off 6 x AA batteries but obviously easier to power it from the mains)
The bass itself is good quality and plays very well. Nice action, new strings and ready to go.
It has 24 preprogrammed bass sounds, which can be further enhanced by the blend and bass/treble controls. The basses are:
Instrument Table
Pair Name
Green Bank
Red Bank
1961 Fender Jazz
1960 Fender Jazz (flat-wound strings)
2004 Fender Deluxe Jazz
1961 Fender Jazz Fretless
1963 Precision Bass
1958 Precision Bass (flat-wound strings)
1977 Musicman Stingray
2003 Modulus Flea
1971 Rickenbacker 4001
1963 Rickenbacker 4001 (flat-wound strings)
1966 Danelectro Longhorn
1963 Hofner 500/1 (flat-wound strings)
1963 Gibson Thunderbird
1966 Gibson EB2D (flat-wound strings)
2002 MTD 535
2003 Warwick Thumb
1978 Alembic Long Scale
1984 Steinberger XL2
8 & 12
1968 Hagström H8
1994 Hamer B12A
Tacoma Thunderchief
Kay M1 Double Bass
Mini Moog
Modern Bass Synth

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