SOLD: Sandberg California II TT4 Masterpiece – No 1 of only 15 made

Sandberg California II TT4 Masterpiece in Natural - No 1 of only 15 made - SOLD - click on picture to open gallery

Sandberg California II TT4 Ultra Masterpiece in Natural – No 1 of only 15 made
This is a very special Sandberg – a limited edition of 15 Masterpiece basses made in natural. This one has a swamp ash body and maple neck with black block inlays. Out of the 15 made only 2 were in swamp ash, this is one of them…
I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to buy this bass back – it’s one and only owner never took it out of the house, never gigged and used it occasionally at home only. Absolutely as good as new.
This is what Sandberg say in the official press release:
Sandberg Ultra Masterpiece Limited Edition Limited Run
15 California Masterpiece basses in a natural finish, an option not available in our web-configurator!
They have a specially selected flamed alder OR swamp ash body, combined with a maple neck and black block inlays.
“In the beginning, we were not really convinced by the idea of a natural finish heavily aged bass.
but now, …We have just photographed all 15 old natural ladies, dived into all their little details, like a micro filming, capturing every wood cell…
and wow!! – these 15 basses are so stunning!!!
Christian, our masterpiece builder, has done a wonderful job.
We are blown away with the excellence of Christians work, but then again he’s got 17 years of passion and experience in ageing instruments., Its surprised even ourselves how every micro detail is so good and realistic looking and sounding.
Without doubt Christian is the best in the industry at ageing instruments !!”
These limited edition basses are subjected to 100 hours of vibration treatment, much more than usual, plus the thermo treatment of all wood parts to make the bass respond like a heavily played old instrument..
The final result is a bass that all but smells of a 30 years heavy treated instrument – it`s here, it`s realistic!
Sandberg are really proud of what has been achieved.
In addition to the 100 hours of vibration treatment already done, this bass has has another 600 hours + on top. The resonance and sound is stunning, this bass really is special, and plays as good as it looks.
It comes with the manual, certificate and  leaflet explaining the vibration and thermo treatment signed by the builder, as well as a Sandberg gig bag and tools.
A unique bass, and being number 1 of a limited run of 15, destined to be a sort after collectible as well.



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