SOLD: Vox 3504 MIJ bass guitar circa 1982

Vox 3504 MIJ bass guitar circa 1982 - SOLD - click on picture to open gallery

Vox 3504 MIJ bass guitar circa 1982
Black high gloss body, maple neck and fingerboard, 34″ scale length, with DiMarzio P bass humbucking pickup and series/parallel switch. This is a good quality Japanese made bass from the early 1980’s probably made in the Matsumoku factory.
Prices don’t appear to have caught up yet with other similar era basses so a good buy right now.
It’s in really good condition and obviously not seen a huge amount of use.
It does have some light scrapes, dings and dents, but nothing bad or particularly noticeable, and nothing through the paint. The back of the neck is perfect and unmarked and actually looks new!
It’s heavy (which was the fashion at the time) and weighs 11.2lbs –
I’ve certainly had heavier Precisions and T40’s! However, it does balance well on a strap….
I’ve just done a full service and set up and strung it with new Rotosound 45-105 strings.
A lot of bass for the money!

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