SOLD: Xotic XPJ 1T 4 string Bass with original gig bag

Xotic XPJ 1T 4 string Bass with original gig bag - SOLD Click on picture to open gallery

 This Xotic XPJ 1T Bass was bought new in 2016 and never used. It’s absolutely as good as new and comes with everything it left the factory with:
Quality gig bag
Owners pack including certificate and manual, spec sheet and stickers
This is a seriously good bass and the quality is apparent from the moment you pick it up and play it.
I’ve included what Xotic have to say about it – well worth a read.
Faultless and superb, plus a good saving on new…
To this day, the P-bass continues to charm many musicians with its heavy tone and burly, yet gracious sound. The Xotic XP-1T 4-string (P-bass Style) was created borrowing some of the popular technologies of our XJ-1T 4-string (J-bass Style), like our Tri-Logic Bass Preamp, our pursuit of natural playability and a body style that promotes acoustical sustain. To accompany our new XPJ-1T bass, we’ve designed a new pickup, the Xotic PV-1. We’re confident that this new pickup will satisfy your needs for a fat and solid sound.
Trusted for its quality and precision, we chose the Hipshot Ultra lite for the machine heads. They are durable and lightweight, which helps for longevity and prevents head dive.
For the XPJ-1T, adjustments can be made at the end for the neck with the special hex Allen wrench. There is no need to remove the neck or the pick guard to make the adjustment.
Xotic’s manufacturing process improves the stability of the neck. Under normal conditions and use, the neck’s consistency should remain strong and steady, but minor adjustment of the Truss rod may be required under harsher environment or changes in season. We’ve made the adjustments very easy with the placement of the Truss Rod.
The XJ series uses a custom brass/chrome design for the bridge because its brass alloy doesn’t lose any vibrations from the strings, giving it fat and solid tone. This bridge provides adjustments to the pitch and tension of each string giving you your own custom setup.
A lightweight Ash materials are used for the body. These woods give the XP series a solid low and low-mid range tone.
Our ash bodies feature 2 piece construction. The XP’s body style is based on an original P-Bass design, but Xotic’s vision and enhancements are reflected throughout its design. For example, the rounded heel of the neck joint and the cut away. These improvements significantly improve playability in higher positions and give a stress free feel. We wanted a finish that was strong and would look great after many hours of playing. Our polyurethane finish accomplished our goal and we can now offer a variety of colors, from vintage to more modern shades.
Our hand carved C-shape neck is finished with a light oil rub, using our own Xotic XP-OG1 oil. The shape and finish provides a smooth texture and stress free playing
The XJ fingerboard tone wood options are Maple or Rosewood. These tone woods are carefully selected and chosen for their hard-grained material. Our fingerboard features a 10″ radius, which is a gentler curve than vintage spec, and is adorned with Luminova phosphorescent position markers. These markers are a perfect choice when performing on a dark stage as they glow 10 times brighter and last longer than other comparable materials.
Our 5-string models are accommodated with a 22F neck, better adapted for modern style playing. The rigidity of our 5-string necks allow for a solid ringing of the low B, something lacking on other 5-string models.
Jescar Fret Wire is an industry standard fret wire that is chosen for its high quality and used by makers such as Gibson, Martin and Tom Anderson. It is trusted for its superior precision and durability. We used the FW9665 model for the XJ-1T series, which has the proper height and trusted stability in pitch. The fret is carefully finished, providing you a stress free feel.
2 coil bobbins for 1~2 string and 3~4 string are wired in series for the P-Bass style pickup. 2 coils are configured to cancel the hum noise, wired with reversed-magnet and reversed-winding.
This symmetrical design gives us very effective hum cancelling. In the case of 5-string, 2 coils do not have symmetrical design. This could lower the effectiveness of the hum cancelling, and also cause tendency for the larger coil bobbin to sound boomier.
For J pickup we used the traditional Alnico 5 rod magnet, AWG-42 formvar wire, and Vulcan fibre bobbins. Both 4-string and 5-string model have vintage flavour as its base, but with higher gain. The higher gain offers richer sound in both passive and active modes.
We used our world renowned Tri-logic 2 preamp. The preamp is designed to minimize the change in tonal quality and incorporates a 3 band EQ. The preamps and EQ makes it ideal for covering a wide range of musical styles.
We improved the preamps functionality by positioning 2 mini toggle switches, just below the bridge, so you can instantly switch between high-mid/low-mid and various treble EQ frequencies.
The Tri-Logic 2’s electrical circuit is redesigned with amplifying element for reduced electric al consumption and noise, for better tone and longer battery life.
As with our previous models, it is also equipped with 2 series-connected 006P battery for the 18V drive, giving you ample headroom that enables you to enjoy the extremely clean low B sound. our previous models, it is also equipped with 2 series-connected 006P battery for the
The new and improved Xotic Gig Bag version is more convenient to carry around! Heavy-duty, completely safe and you can now enjoy the slim design of the Gig Bag.
18V drive,
This flat pickup cover also functions as a finger ramp. There are also thumb rests on the side that are helpful for stabilizing your picking.
And since the pole pieces are not bare, this visually attractive cover also eliminates the noise from fingers or pick which are prevalent for the P-Bass.

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