SOLD: 1981 Greco PB 450 quality bass Made in Japan

1981 Greco PB 450 Bass Made in Japan: SOLD

Greco had been making guitars since the early 1960’s, but by the 1970’s they started making replicas of Gibsons and Fenders. By the end of that decade they had pretty much perfected the manufacture of these by combining great quality hardware with top quality craftsmanship. From 1979 to the late 1980s they made some of their best instruments.
This particular bass dates to April 1981 and is a superb example of a Greco Precision. It is in extremely fine condition and plays and sounds as good as any Fender form this era.
The bass is 34 years old and is a great instrument to play and use, whilst becoming more collectable with each passing year. Not so easy to find in this great condition.
£695 (plus £45 for a new Tweed hard case, or £40 for a Black Tolex version)

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