SOLD: 1982 Fender Squier JV Precision ’62 Re-issue

1982 Fender Squier JV Precision '62 Re-issue - SOLD - click on picture to open gallery

1982 Fender Squier JV Precision ’62 Re-issue
As you know, these are sort after basses and steadily rise in price. This is the ’62 re-issue, so vintage reverse tuners, cloth wiring, threaded saddles (as opposed to single groove)
This example is in great condition, all original (except maybe the pickguard) and has just had a pro re-fret. This was done by Ian at Sphynx Guitars, and as usual it’s a top quality job, with great attention to detail – the finishing of the fret ends is particularly good. This work would cost around £200 and makes sure the bass is good to play for the next 40 years.
The neck has an oiled finish, and it’s smooth, comfortable and quick to play.
The nut is standard 42mm width, but the neck is especially slim, something you notice as soon as you pick it up, so might suit a player more used to modern neck dimensions but wants something vintage and cool to play.
It’s been fitted with a Stew Mac neck shim (0.25) and plays very well. The neck is nice and straight and the truss rod works as it should. The pots all look original, the wiring is vintage cloth covered and the pick ups have the brass earthing plate underneath them.
These were the first Fender basses Made in Japan (Sold under the Squier brand but still has “Fender” on the headstock) and they were built to impress. 1982 was the first year of production, so this one is an early one. The build quality of these basses is well known and there’s plenty of info online should anyone want to read up about them.
It’s been fitted with a Hipshot drop D tuner and the original one is included in the (tatty but completely functional) hard case, along with the original nut.
Condition-wise it’s excellent, a few marks here and there, a bit of finish is missing around the neck pocket but no cracks, and generally excellent. It’s been well looked after during its life.
Nice and light too – 8.5lbs….
A perfect vintage bass to use and gig with!

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