SOLD: 1983 Squier JV Precision PB-57, black with maple

1983 Squier JV Precision PB-57, black and maple - SOLD

1983 Squier JV Precision PB-57
I bought this a few years ago and kept it in my collection until now. It’s definitely the best JV Precision I’ve played, both in terms of sound and looks.
It’s a 1983 Squier JV Precision PB-57 (MIJ) in great condition, modelled on a 1957 Precision, so nice tinted lacquer neck, thinner frets etc. Cloth wiring, raised pole pieces under the A string, and date on the neck heel.
It’s in fantastic condition, with just a few light marks, probably one of the best out there.
It does have a few marks on it, but nothing really noticeable or bad, pretty amazing for 41 years old.
As you know, the prices for JV’s have slowly been rising for several years now, and this would be a great bass to buy.

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