Lakland 44-64 USA Black, with original case

Lakland 44-64 USA Black, with original case - £1895 - click on picture to open gallery

Here’s a first for me – a USA made Lakland. Had plenty of the Skylines over the years but never a US one until now!
Lakland used Bob Glaub’s (famous session musician) original 1964 Fender Precision to base this model on and they’ve made a classic vintage bass but using modern production techniques and tolerances. These are top end high quality basses used by plenty of pro bass players, Adam Clayton being the most well known.
There are numerous refinements adorning that flawless High Gloss black body that make it worth its asking price. For example, check out the custom Lakland dual-design bridge, which allows you to string the bass through the body or through the bridge. Running the strings through the body couples the string vibration to the bass better, for great resonance.
There’s more: Lakland beefs up the one-piece neck with graphite reinforcement bars underneath the fingerboard. Most older basses use a flatsawn slab for the neck, but the Lakland Glaub features a quartersawn neck for extra strength, coupled and a perfectly profiled bone nut.
Bob Glaub and Lakland spent considerable time finding the right pickup. After many A/B tests, the team chose a Lindy Fralin split-coil humbucker that they connect to 250k volume and tone controls. Fralin rewinds a ton of vintage pickups, so it’s no surprise his single-coils and humbuckers have a wonderful Old School sound.
This bass sounds like a good P-Bass should: strong low-mids, a slight upper-midrange bite, and a taut top.
The body and 34″ scale maple neck have an excellent balance. Standard 1.75” taper measured at the nut is 60’s spec, with a slim front to back profile just like the most comfortable and sought after vintage pieces.
Nice and light too – 8.4lbs. Comes with 2 x extra pickguards – Parchment (which was the original one) plus black (currently fitted) and a black pearl, both made by SIMS custom.
It’s in almost perfect, mint condition and a big saving on new…..
Including original hard case

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