NEW Sandberg VT4 in black, soft aged, rosewood fretboad

NEW Sandberg VT4 in black, soft aged, rosewood fretboard - £1595

This bass has just arrived with me from Germany.
It’s a NEW Sandberg California II VT4 in high gloss black (Soft Aged) with rosewood fretboard and white front facing dots – all these features are extra cost items from Sandberg.
It’s a modern take on the classic Precision with an added Jazz pickup – a very common mod back in the day, but brought right up to date with super playable, low action factory plek’d neck, and Sandberg’s versatile controls (Vol/Blend/Treble and Bass boost/cut)
Can easily be switched into passive mode by pulling up the volume control.
The rosewood fretboard is worth a mention as it’s a particular lovely colour with a tight grain – not so easy to find nowadays.
Personally, I really like this pickup configuration – yes it’s the classic P/J, but also the P pickup is the other way around, so if using the top as a thumbrest your plucking fingers aren’t near the G/D part when digging in, something which makes a big difference to me.
It’s really light too…..
I can treat this bass to 100 hours of vibration treatment to improve its tone and resonance – the same as Sandberg does in the factory for the masterpiece basses. No extra cost – pls enquire.

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