Basses for sale

Sandberg California II VM4 in 2 tone Tobacco Sunburst

A new Sandberg VM4 with VS pick up placement....

1993 Fender ’51 Re-issue Precision MIJ

A rare time-warp NOS MIJ re-issue...

Warwick Stevenson Custom made 6 String Bass

A stunning Custom Built handmade 6 string bass....

2017 Sandberg California II VM4 HCA in creme

A used Sandberg so a good saving on new....

1987 Charvel Model 2B Bass with hard case

A quality vintage Japanese made bass....

Sandberg California II VM4 Black & Chrome

Eye catching cool bass with 21st Century performance...

Sandberg Forty-Eight Bass – black, with stripes NEW

Multi award winning bass, cool looks, 21st century performance...

Kramer “The Duke” headless Bass with original hard case

A great, very playable, interesting vintage headless bass....

2009 USA Fender Precision Deluxe in NEW condition

An eight year old bass in brand-new condition

ON HOLD: 2013 Fender Jazz Deluxe in see thru blonde

A New-Old-Stock bass in striking see-thru white blonde finish...

Limelight ’62 Jazz Bass in Sherwood Green

A used Limelight Jazz in Sherwood Green and with all correct

1970 Fender Precision Bass – superb time-warp condition

Amazing condition, probably the best available....

Sandberg Forty-Eight Bass in Tobacco Sunburst

Multi award winning bass, cool looks, 21st century performance...

Sandberg California II TM5 High Gloss Natural swamp Ash

Beautiful, understated, very high specification bass.....

Sandberg California II VS4 !!SPECIAL OFFER – £150 OFF!!

A cool VS4 with block markers and matching headstock..

ESP Ltd F-404 Tribal Bass – Made in Korea

A cool looking unusual bass with Tribal inlays....

1979 USA Martin EB18 Bass with original hard case

A vintage USA built Martin bass with original hard case....

USA G & L ASAT Bass in silver metallic with original gig bag

Cool, powerful, different - USA built G & L ASAT Bass

ON HOLD: Sandberg Forty-Eight Bass with reverse headstock

Multi award winning bass, cool looks, 21st century performance...

Sandberg California II TT4 Gloss Ash !!SPECIAL OFFER £150 OFF!!

A modern take on a Jazz bass - classic looks, great

Sandberg California II VM4 Bass in High Gloss Virgin White

Eye catching cool bass with 21st Century performance...

1981 Greco PB 450 quality bass Made in Japan

Dating from April 1981 and a superb example

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1960’s Hofner Violin Beatles Bass – Exceptional, with original case

1979 USA Fender Precision – Sunburst, maple, 100% original, interesting history, naturally reliced

USA Fender Jazz Elite – bought new a few months ago, black, maple, blocks & binding as new

1979 Fender Precision Fretless – Antiqua, r/w board, excellent and 100% original

Epiphone Jack Casady Signature model – Gold, mint, with Epiphone hard case £545

Cairnes Stag Bass – Custom made by Jim Cairnes, blue, maple neck, excellent


WANTED  Your good quality bass! If you have a bass that you think would be suitable please get in touch. I can offer more than your local music shop and help with transportation

PART EXCHANGES  I’m always happy to take in part exchanges. so please get in touch