Recently sold

SOLD: Zon Sonus Custom 5 with Graphite neck

A USA built Zon Sonus custom built 5 string bass.....

SOLD: MIJ Bacchus Precision, superb quality

An unusual, top end Japanese made Precison....

SOLD: Vox 3504 Bass, early 1980’s Japanese Made

A quality vintage instrument, built like a tank....

SOLD: 1979 Gibson ES335 TD CRS Semi-Acoustic Guitar

A superb time-warp USA Gibson 335 from 1979....

SOLD: 2012 USA Fender Jazz Lined Fretless – mint

If you've always wanted a fretless bass, this is it.....

SOLD: USA Fender Jazz “S8” serial, dots & binding neck

An unusual bass made by Fender in 1983....

SOLD: Fender Jazz MIJ 1970’s re-issue

A quality Japanese made re-issue Jazz...

SOLD: Tobias Toby Pro 5 String bass

A inexpensive but great quality 5 string bass...

SOLD: Adamovic Jupiter Fretless boutique Bass

A good opportunity to acquire a unique handmade instrument....

SOLD: 1993 Fender ’51 Re-issue Precision MIJ

A rare time-warp NOS MIJ re-issue...

SOLD: Rickenbacker 4003s Walnut with original hard case

Walnut and maple - a great combination for a Rickenbacker...

SOLD: 1988 USA G&L El Toro bass with original case

An unusual USA vintage bass made by Leo Fender.....

SOLD: MusicMan Stingray Bass 3eq 2006 Ltd Edition

A fantastic 3eq Stingray with stunning looks...

SOLD: 1980 Aria Pro II TS400 Guitar MIJ

A quality Japanese made vintage guitar by Aria Pro...

SOLD: 1981 Fender Precision in brown sunburst “S9” s/n

A superb vintage Precision in Brown sunburst....

SOLD: 1986 Jaydee Supernatural Roadie Bass

A lovely high quality vintage bass in fantastic, all-original condition

SOLD: USA Musicman Stingray Classic with OHSC

A top Quality USA made Stingray Classic.....

SOLD: 1979 Ibanez Roadster Bass, MIJ, violin finish

A heavy-weight vintage Japanese made Ibanez....

SOLD: 1982 Fender Squier JV Precision MIJ with hard case

A great example of the now legendary JV Precision....

SOLD: Bravewood ’62 Fretless Jaco Jazz Bass

Fantastic '62 Jaco Jazz bass relic from Bravewood.......

SOLD: Sandberg California II VM4 Bass in Virgin White

Eye catching cool bass with 21st Century performance...

SOLD: 2004 Fender Jazz Bass with S1 switch OHSC

A 14 year old USA Fender Jazz in almost new condition....

SOLD: 2017 USA Fender Jazz Elite with original hard case

The latest and best Jazz from Fender USA but still with

SOLD: 1983 Fender Precision Bass with tweed hard case

One of the last instruments made at the Fullerton factory..

SOLD: USA G & L ASAT Bass in silver metallic

Cool, powerful, different - USA built G & L ASAT Bass

SOLD: Limelight 00224 Pino Precision Fiesta Red

A brand new Pino Precision in Fiesta Red.....

SOLD: Kramer “The Duke” headless Bass with ohc

A great, very playable, interesting vintage headless bass....

SOLD: Limelight 00144 ’76 Precision Bass – used

A lovely used 1970's Limelight precision....

SOLD: 1979 Fender Precision Fretless Antiqua

An extremely nice USA Fretless in an unusual finish...

SOLD: Vox 3504 MIJ bass guitar circa 1982

A Japanese made bass, good quality for not very much money...

SOLD: 1969 Fender Jazz with original hard case

Amazing all-original vintage Fender jazz bass....

SOLD: 1981 Greco PB 450 quality bass Made in Japan

Dating from April 1981 and a superb example

SOLD: 2013 Fender Precision with original case

Understated but super-cool, and at a good price...

SOLD: Limelight 00220 Heavy Relic Sunburst Precision

A new ultra-heavy relic sunbusrt Limelight Precision....

SOLD: Sandberg California II VT4 in 3tsb with gig bag

A modern 21st Century take on a Precision with added J

SOLD: Fender Blue Flower Precision MIJ with hard case

A superb blue flower Precision with a maple neck....

SOLD: 1979 USA Martin EB18 Bass with OHC

A vintage USA built Martin bass with original hard case....

SOLD: Sandberg Forty-Eight Bass in Tobacco Sunburst

Multi award winning bass, cool looks, 21st century performance...

SOLD: Sandberg California II TT4 in All Gold -used

A genuinely stunning bass with a high specification....

SOLD: 1970 Fender Precision Bass – superb condition

Amazing condition, probably the best available....

SOLD: Sandberg California TM4 Gold flake over Red

A real gold plated bass with matching headstock...

SOLD: Sandberg California ii VM4 in black with gig bag

A used Sandberg in excellent condition....a big saving on new...

SOLD: Sandberg California II TM5 High Gloss Swamp Ash

Beautiful, understated, very high specification bass.....

SOLD: 1979 Fender Precision Bass – 100% original

Bought new and played for 30 years + very cool...

SOLD: Limelight 00217 ’74 Jazz Bass

A brand new Limelight J bass finished in aged olympic white....

SOLD: Sandberg California II TM2 4-string with gig bag

"New" but offered at a fantastic discount....

SOLD: Xotic XPJ 1T 4 string Bass with original gig bag

Incredible USA made Xotic bass totally as new....

SOLD: Used Limelight 00150 ’74 Jazz Bass

A used Limelight but as good as new.....

SOLD: 2009 USA Fender Precision Deluxe

An eight year old bass in brand-new condition

SOLD: Cairnes Stag Bass – Luthier built with hard case

A unique hand-made luthier built bass - different...

SOLD: Epiphone Jack Casady, Gold with hard case

A different and versatile great playing bass in mint condition and

SOLD: Warwick Stevenson Custom made 6 String Bass

A stunning Custom Built handmade 6 string bass....

SOLD: Limelight ’57 P Bass in Candy Apple Red

A nearly new Limelight Precision at a good price.....

SOLD: 2006 PRS Modern Eagle 1 “Brazilian” Limited Run

Probably the best example of one of the world's finest guitars....

SOLD: ESP Ltd F-404 Tribal Bass – Made in Korea

A cool looking unusual bass with Tribal inlays....

SOLD: 2013 Fender Jazz Deluxe in see thru blonde

A New-Old-Stock bass in striking see-thru white blonde finish...

SOLD: Burns Shadows Bass with hard case

A collectable bass from Burns - cool and desirable...

SOLD: Fender USA CS Ltd EdCabronita Boracho Bass Relic

A modern masterpiece - a relic bass from Fender Custom Shop....

SOLD: Ibanez SR4000e Prestige Bass Made in Japan

New and un-played, you won't find a better one....

SOLD: 2001 Fender Jazz AVRI Dakota Red

Fender Jazz 1962 Jazz AVRI in Dakota Red, complete with all

SOLD: Overwater 5 string Fretless bass with hard case

A superb older UK made Overwater fretless with 35" scale

SOLD: 2006 Fender Custom Shop ’64 Jazz Bass NOS

A superb Custom Shop USA NOS Jazz Bass complete with its

SOLD: Sandberg California II VM4 Black & Chrome

Eye catching cool bass with 21st Century performance...

SOLD: Sandberg California II VS4 with gig bag

A cool VS4 with block markers and matching headstock..

SOLD: Sandberg Forty-Eight Bass with reverse headstock

Multi award winning bass, cool looks, 21st century performance...

SOLD: 2008 USA Fender Jazz Bass with original case

A USA fender Jazz with cool upgrades including chrome

SOLD: Lakland Bob Glaub ’64 Precision signature Bass

A great playing bass with a super fast neck.....

SOLD: Musicman Stingray Classic Coral Red

A Musicman Stingray Classic in Coral red in superb condition...

SOLD: Dean DOA 2009 limited run V-Zilla Bass in OHSC

A limited run of only 20 worldwide - a very rare

SOLD: USA Gibson SG Bass – Faded Cherry

A barely used Gibson SG bass - not easy to find...

SOLD: 2015 Rickenbacker 4004L Laredo in Midnight Blue

A superb Midnight Blue Ricky in great condition....

SOLD: Squier Precision Bass, Pete Wentz signature model

A very playable signature model, no longer made.....

SOLD: Limelight 00203 ’64 J Bass Oly White over S/B

A really cool Limelight Jazz Bass in one of the most

SOLD: Epiphone Jack Casady Limited Edition Custom Shop

An unusual colour, plus upgrades and a hard case....

SOLD: Bill Lawrence “Roy Buchanan” RB II MIJ Telecaster

Made in Japan in 1980s for Bill Lawrence, ash with maple

SOLD: Steinberger Synapse Headless Bass with gig bag

All the convienience of a headless but with the advantages of

SOLD: 1979 Pre-Ernie Ball Musicman Sabre Bass

A vintage Musicman Sabre in great condition....

SOLD: Sandberg California II TSBS signature model

An unusual and difficult to get signature Sandberg bass...

SOLD: 1984 Gordon Smith 335 type Bass with hard case

A vintage, British made, quality semi-acoustic bass...

SOLD: Sandberg II VM4 in 2 tone Tobacco Sunburst

A new Sandberg VM4 with VS pick up placement....

SOLD: 2017 Sandberg California II VM4 HCA

A used Sandberg so a good saving on new....

SOLD: Fender USA ’75 Jazz Bass Special factory production

A unique one-off prototype bass by Fender USA....

SOLD: Dean Ltd Edition TRML Bass 2007 with gig bag

A statement Dean bass which is great to play....

SOLD: Charvel Surfcaster 12-string Guitar circa 1991

An unusual 12-string Charvel with original case

SOLD: Overwater Aspiration Elite Deluxe 5 string Bass

A great Overwater 5 String bass in lovely condition...

SOLD: Sandberg TT4 (JJ) Rarewood Bocote Bass

A special order Sandberg in rarewood with MHS...

SOLD: 1989 Fender MIJ Jazz Fretless with Hiscox case

Fretless Fender Jazz, 25 years old and in great condition

SOLD: Sandberg California II VM4 black, maple and blocks

Black body, hardware, scratchplate and block markers....

SOLD: Fender Jaguar Kurt Cobain NOS sunburst

Really cool guitar with original case and all extras..

SOLD: Limelight 00174 ’64 J Bass Candy Apple Red

A super-cool J bass by Limelight, with a matching headstock

SOLD: Sandberg California TM4 Candy Apple Red HCA

An old style Sandberg with Hard Core Aging - beautiful...

SOLD: Gretsch G5440LSB 4-string Bass with case

A super-cool eye catching iconic bass in mint condition...

SOLD: 1984 Fender Squier JV Jazz bass aged Olympic White

A top quality vintage instrument with a well deserved reputation....

SOLD: Limelight 00193 ’63 P Bass – Oly White over SB

Cool cool cool......a throwback to the 1960's....

SOLD: Limelight 00192 early 70’s P Bass light relic

A one-off Custom Colour P bass from Limelight.....

SOLD: Gibson SG Bass Ltd Ed with original hard case

A USA made Gibson SG Bass with upgrades and the original

SOLD: Fender Telecaster Thinline MIM with hard case

A very popular model in great condition with case and gig

SOLD: “S9” USA Fender Precision Bass in Natural

A great vintage Precision from the Fullerton factory...

SOLD: Gibson EB2 Bass circa 1966 with original case

A superb Gibson EB 2 bass from the 1960's...

SOLD: 1986 Aria Pro II RSB Deluxe Bass with hard case

A fantastic time-warp collectors bass and a piece of history...

SOLD: 1983 Jaydee Supernatural Roadie II

Lovely quality vintage bass with everything working as it should

SOLD: 2015 Rickenbacker 4003 Bass Ruby with hard case

A superb USA made classic Rickenbacker - timeless....

SOLD: USA Musicman Sterling 4H Bass with original hard case

A superb USA made bass in classic sunburst and OHSC..

SOLD: 1980 Ibanez Studio ST824 Bass with hard case

A very useable top-quality vintage bass, original and good to play

SOLD: MusicMan Stingray Bass 3eq 2006 Limited Edition

A superbly playing Limited Edition with stunning looks..

SOLD: Ibanez BTB 5 String Bass with Hiscox hard case

Korean made Ibanez BTB 5 String in good condition

SOLD: 1997 USA Fender Stratocaster Plus Guitar CAR

Finished in Candy Apple Red with a maple fretboard

SOLD: 1976 USA Fender Precision, Olympic white

A fantastic bass well looked after for 40 years....

SOLD: 1994 USA G & L L5500 5 string bass with hard case

Attractively priced for such as good bass and with original case

SOLD: Sandberg California TM4 Bass Candy Apple Red

A superb "used" high specification Sandberg TM4 bass

SOLD: Limelight 00179 P Black 1970’s Bass

A cool black and understated Limelight with a difference...

SOLD 2005 Warwick Thumb Bolt-on, with new case

A professional quality instrument with a great low end...

SOLD Spector NS2 Bolt-on, Buckeye top, USA-made

Totally beautiful and unique one-off USA hand built bass

SOLD: Limelight 00178 ’64 GP

A Burgundy Mist '64 J Bass with matching headstock...

SOLD: Musicman Sterling Fretless with original hard case

A great fretless bass with stunning flame neck

SOLD:Orange SP210 Isobaric Smart Power Bass Cabinet

A small, ultra compact bass speaker cabinet with huge punch

SOLD: USA Rickenbacker 4004 CII Cheyenne

A beautiful top-of-the-range bass in superb condition

SOLD: 1983 Fender USA Precision Bass Siennaburst

Lovely genuine USA Fender Precision bass in Siennaburst

SOLD: 1983 Fender Squier JV Precision Bass with case

Superb neck, great frets and a particularly stunning sunburst

SOLD: Musicman Bongo 4H Bass with original case

USA Bongo bought new in 2013 and used sparingly; mint

SOLD: Musicman Stingray 4H in white with original case

A superbly set up Stingray, in fantastic condition....

SOLD: Jackson David Ellefson 4 string Limited Edition

This Jackson David Ellefson is the ultimate bass of that type

SOLD: 2010 USA Fender Jazz Bass with original case

Show-stopping looks and lovely to play...

SOLD: 1986 Westone Quantum X850 Bass MIJ

Matsumoku in Japan-made bass with futuristic modern design

SOLD: Warwick Corvette NT Limited 2010 Made in Germany

Immaculate limited edition bass with original flight case

SOLD: Lakland Bob Glaub ’64 Precision signature Bass

Great quality, lovely to play, perfect gigging bass...

SOLD: Spector Euro Re-Bop 4 MM

Don't underestimate how good this bass is...

SOLD: USA Fender Jazz 1975 Re-issue Bass

A very popular bass and still available new, for a price

SOLD: Sandberg California II VM4 in Natural Swamp Ash

A new Sandberg VM4 with VS pick up placement....

SOLD: Sandberg Forty-Eight Bass – very high spec

Multi award winning bass, cool looks, 21st century performance...

SOLD: Sandberg Forty Eight Bass in Mettalic Red HCA

Actually pre-owned, but "as new" and complete with gig bag...

SOLD: Sandberg Forty-Eight Bass Black with stripes

Multi award winning bass, cool looks, 21st century performance...

SOLD: Sandberg California II TM4 in High Gloss Virgin White

White pickguard, maple neck, finished with chrome hardwear

SOLD: Sandberg California II VM4 with black finish

Perfect for someone who wants the classic look

SOLD: Sandberg California II VS4 3-tone Sunburst

A great Sandberg bass with rosewood fretboard

SOLD: Sandberg California II TT4 Passive in black

21st century design, light-weight, huge tone and super playable

SOLD: 1981 Hondo L5 Fat Boy Semi-Acoustic Guitar

A fantastic quality guitar, widely recognised as such

SOLD: Epiphone Les Paul Guitar Made in Korea 2001

Korean made Les Paul with a great flame top and case

SOLD: Sandberg Forty Eight bass in black with gig bag

A really cool bass which performs as good as it looks.....

SOLD: Sandberg California II VM4 natural, black hardware

Stunning looking with natural and black combo..

SOLD: Fender Japan ’51 Precision re-issue Sting Bass

An extremely good example of this cool and iconic bass

SOLD: Fender USA Precision Bass 1975 Hot Rod

A genuine 1975 bass with plate, stamps and codes to verify

SOLD: Limelight Custom Guitars 00167 J Bass

Limelight '66 J Bass featuring a "J" width rosewood neck

RECENTLY SOLD: Limelight Custom 00164 Phil Lynott

Limelight early 70s P Bass with correct features from era

RECENTLY SOLD: 2006 MusicMan Stingray Bass 3 EQ

A USA made Musicman Stingray bass with 3 EQ

RECENTLY SOLD: Orange SP212 Isobaric Speaker Cabinet

A small lightweight bass speaker cabinet with huge punch

SOLD: MusicMan Stingray Bass 4HH with original case

USA made Musicman Stingray 4HH bass with 3 EQ

SOLD: Fender Precision Bass USA 2010 with original case

Lovely USA made Fender bass in black with white scratchplate

SOLD: 1997 Made in Japan Fender Jazz Noel Redding

Only 1000 made and they are a real collectors item

SOLD: Yamaha TRB II Five String Japan-made bass

A top quality instrument and with fantastic attention to detail

SOLD: Limelight Custom Guitars 00165 ’63 P Bass

A Limelight '63 Bass with all the correct features of era

RECENTLY SOLD: Sandberg California VS4 Passive

Two-tone sunburst Sandberg Califonia VS4 passive bass


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