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Sandberg are a German brand which makes high quality, hand made instruments at very good prices. All their instruments are fully plek’d (the Plek is a computer controlled fret leveling machine. It can level frets to within .001 mm accuracy. This kind of precision can not be matched by doing the job by hand) and the result is a superb playing neck, with a low action and no buzzing easily achievable.
I was so impressed with the basses that I’m now an Official UK Sandberg dealer, with all the usual benefits.
You can also use the Sandberg Configurator to build a unique bass to your own specification
The different build possibilities run into the millions! Please contact me for a price.
All basses listed below are in stock and ready for immediate despatch.


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Currently for sale

Sandberg Forty-Eight Bass with reverse headstock

Multi award winning bass, cool looks, 21st century performance...

Sandberg Forty-Eight Bass – ultra high spec

Multi award winning bass, cool looks, 21st century performance...

Sandberg California II TT4 High Gloss Natural Swamp Ash

A modern take on a Jazz bass - classic looks, great

Sandberg California II VM4 in Natural Swamp Ash

A new Sandberg VM4 with VS pick up placement....

Sandberg California II VM4 Bass in High Gloss Virgin White

Eye catching cool bass with 21st Century performance...

Sandberg TT4 (JJ) Rarewood Bocote Bass with matching headstock

A special order Sandberg in rarewood with matching headstock...

Sandberg California II TM5 Bass in High Gloss Natural swamp Ash

Beautiful, understated, very high specification bass.....

Sandberg California II VS4 in Crème, with gig bag

A cool VS4 with block markers and matching headstock..

SOLD: Sandberg Forty-Eight Bass – very high spec

Multi award winning bass, cool looks, 21st century performance...

SOLD: Sandberg Forty Eight Bass in Mettalic Red HCA – Pre-owned

Actually pre-owned, but "as new" and complete with gig bag...

SOLD: Sandberg Forty-Eight Bass Black with stripes and gig bag

Multi award winning bass, cool looks, 21st century performance...

SOLD: Sandberg California II TM4 in High Gloss Virgin White

White pickguard, maple neck, finished with chrome hardwear

SOLD: Sandberg California II TT4 in Gold, with Gold hardware

A genuinely stunning bass with a high specification....

SOLD: Sandberg California II VM4 with black finish

Perfect for someone who wants the classic look

SOLD: Sandberg California II VS4 3-tone Sunburst

A great Sandberg bass with rosewood fretboard

SOLD: Sandberg California II TT4 Passive in black

21st century design, light-weight, huge tone and super playable....a classic updated..

SOLD: Sandberg Forty Eight bass in black with gig bag

A really cool bass which performs as good as it looks.....

SOLD: Sandberg California II VM4 natural, black hardware

Stunning looking with natural and black combo..

Recently sold

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New basses on order:

1) Sandberg California II TT4, High Gloss Crème, r/w, dots black hardware

2) Sandberg California II VM4, tsb, maple f/b, dots, VS neck pick up config

3) Sandberg California II VS4, black stealth bass with maple f/b and black blocks


WANTED  Your good quality guitar! If you have a guitar that you think would be suitable please get in touch. I can offer more than your local music shop and help with transportation

PART EXCHANGES  I’m always happy to take in part exchanges. so please get in touch